Employment dispute – “Do what works for you”.

I was struggling with my excessive and unrealistic work demands, bullying culture, and a senior manager with an escalating focus on proving that I was the cause of all the problems. I had worked long hours and in good faith to meet the needs of our customers (who were patients – this is a health setting) and my staff, but started to get repeated formal investigations on my performance and unannounced and puzzling disciplinary notices.

My lawyer’s advice was beyond the legal technical frame but fully considered the context of my problem and the longer term consequences on the wellbeing of me and my family. I remember her words were something like… “there is no doubt that we will win this case. You manager’s actions are illegal and clearly she is targeting you. But there will be a cost on you and your family and your future work environment will be unpleasant. Rather than winning this fight we should do what works for you”. This allowed me to let go the struggle about being treated unfairly and needing to be right and win.

I found another wonderful job and my lawyer negotiated my exit without any blemish on my work record. Best outcome ever.