Performance of lawyer for child.

There is no mechanism to review or complain about the performance of lawyer for child.

I was involved in proceedings in the Family Court. The lawyer for child visited the children at my ex’s house a number of times. I was never informed of this, under the pretext that lawyer had to determine that no abuse was occurring. The implicit assumption is that fathers do the abusing. Outrageous.

The lawyer for child also offered opinions to the court about implementation of Australian immigration law with no basis in fact. They had not done proper research on the way Australian law is applied.

Lawyers for child should be replaced by child psychologists. I felt that the lawyer for child in my case framed her questions in such a way as to get the answer she was looking for. It is easy to manipulate young children who are intimidated by the presence of a strange lawyer. I don’t believe my children’s views were accurately presented to the court.