Lawyer for child and a conflict of interest

I was involved with a long drawn out custody case over my son and the Family Court assigned a lawyer for child for my son. I have questions over how he was assigned to the case to start with – it seems extremely fortuitous for the other side that it was him that happened to get this case. Over 12 years of him “overseeing” the case – he should have been about putting the child first – he failed my son dreadfully by refusing to talk to me, his mother, for all of those 12 years. The only words he ever spoke to me directly were these – “Make an appointment”, when I managed to speak to him after a case. He was based in [city] and I was in [regional city, 150km away] and he managed to dodge every appointment made. It was very difficult for me to make the journey to the city.

A woman was making complaints against me, false allegations. This woman was living with my father at the time and had sworn to do everything possible to remove me from my father’s life. The law firm that the lawyer for child worked for were the facilitators of this woman’s multi-million trust fund. From the records I have obtained, the lawyer for child had many conversations with this woman about the custody case.

The lawyer for child spoke three words to me but had long conversations with this woman. He worked hard to ensure that my son was kept with a relative of mine (this family couldn’t have children of their own). It was a toxic atmosphere for my son. He was ignored by this disgusting excuse for a lawyer. My son hanged himself at age 15 because of the psychological torture dished out to him by those people. I hold the lawyer for child responsible as one of those people. I made a complaint about him to the Law Society and was basically told to go away and tell the Family Court, which I already knew would be of no help to me, they were so biased against me, ironically because of this very lawyer.​