Victim of crime

Our experience with a lawyer was horrendous! Our daughter, who suffers from epilepsy and a learning disability, was a victim of violent abuse from her ex-partner, who exploited her health and used threats and intimidation to force her to stay. The female lawyer spoke to us like dirt, right from the start. She treated us like some ‘white trash’ family with their half-wit daughter, too dumb to realise her situation and get out of it. Actually it was the lawyer who was the half-wit! She was rude, chewing gum, and totally unprofessional. My son, who has just about finished his law degree got first-hand insight to all those little things they choose to omit in the lecture hall. 
Until you students of the law actually experience the hell that is the New Zealand legal system (notice I don’t say ‘justice system’) its not going to be real. My son now knows and will approach his future clients with the empathy and respect they so deserve . Especially in cases like my daughter’s, it is not all about the ‘facts’. And our daughter, she is under the mental health crisis team and is suicidal . Don’t allow this to happen to your future clients!