Lawyer for child

After going through a separation, eventually the subject of custody became an issue requiring a lawyer. Our lawyer was okay and was on good terms with the lawyer provided to represent our child.

After the first meeting with the lawyer representing our child, I expressed my concerns to my lawyer. I felt this person had either very limited experience with children or really just wanted to get this over with. Unfortunately nothing could be changed or was mentioned and this person continued to represent our child. They were required to come to the house and speak with our child, asking her thoughts on where she would like to live and who she would be happy being with. She was hyped up and never sat down to regard what the lawyer was even saying.

Once the outcome was reached, we were called to her lawyer’s office where he provided her with a letter privately away from us, bluntly explaining her new custody arrangement. I was left to console her as she could not understand why, what she wanted was not going to happen. I had to explain it’s what she said to the lawyer. I think this lawyer taking a little more time engaging with my child would have helped immensely for not only her but for us in such a stressful time.