Finding a lawyer for a benefit appeal

I have been trying to get a lawyer to help me with a civil court of appeal case for over 4 years due to the fact that legal aid would not help me to pay for a lawyer to appeal a social security appeals authority hearing involving the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). As I did not have a lawyer, I opted to represent myself in the High Court only to find that the Judge who presided over my case used a dummy document to be able to dismiss my case because, if I had won, then MSD would have to rectify the error they created some 12 years prior owing billions of dollars to families in NZ.

Worse still, when I had gone to the [Social Security Appeals] Authority, unbeknownst to me, I had not filled in the application properly. I left out my signature, date, and desired outcome, which are mandatory under the MSD regulations. But no one told me, including neither the Chairperson of the Authority nor the Ministry itself. I have not been able to get another lawyer to look at this as they all say is that it is too costly and they do not have the experience even though they blatantly do.