Finding an employment lawyer

At a very young age, finding a lawyer, working with a lawyer, or the term ‘lawyer’ in general did not matter much to me. But towards the age of 20, I realised the importance of ‘a lawyer’. They are people who practice either as a barrister or an attorney, and are able to provide me with competent legal representation and act as my best interest and to assist me in the resolution of my legal problem. Now, this is where my story begins! I have a cousin who was involved in an incident at work. He did something to protect himself and used some physical force. My cousin’s boss decided to suspend my cousin. The boss wanted to see my cousin at a meeting to discuss why my cousin responded violently. My cousin asked for my help so I was sitting in my room, going through all the list of lawyers that I could find in Auckland who are professionals in Employment law. I phoned one lawyer, and asked him if he could come along to the meeting and represent my cousin, he responded that it will be $380.00 per hour. To my surprise, I thought that that was way too expensive. Lawyers who represents someone in a meeting should be less than expensive because they are only there to sit and listen rather than to give a full legal advice. I then called another women who was practicing in Auckland, but she offered the cost of $480.00. Now that blew my mind. Because I needed a legal representative urgently, I decided to contact my University professor and asked for his legal help. At the time, I was a law student in my final year. My professor offered to help. The expenses of having to find one and to represent you is very expensive, so expensive that you will pay the lawyer and suffer with your family.